Wyatt Woodsmall – Metaprograms

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Wyatt Woodsmall - Metaprograms

Wyatt Woodsmall – Metaprograms

Understand Others By Understanding Yourself

Do you understand people?

Do you know why you should even bother to understand other people, particularly if they are difficult, grumpy or just downright odd?

Wyatt Woodsmall PhD is a world expert in the practices of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) – the programming of our brains and offers this 131 page e-book, packed with information that any NLP practitioner or budding practitioner would find invaluable.

The first section of this e-book will help you understand that while people appear to be different; pretty much they are all the same.

It will help you explore your own values, beliefs and internal processes and work out how they impact on others.

You will be taken on a journey through Freud, Jung, Myers Briggs, Kolby and other profiling processes to understand how Woodsmall’s ‘Advanced Behavioral Modeling’TM builds on and expands most previous models.

You will be introduced to metatypes and the format of metatypes including applications for different contexts – sales,management, religion and even family. You will understand the power of:

* Advertising, including definitions and questions for eliciting classification, and the language for influencing various types

* Motivation: what takes people ‘towards’ what takes them ‘away from’;

* frames of reference: whether they are internal or external;

* Relationships: the power of sameness and difference;

* Decision making: those who choose looks, sounds, what feels right and what makes sense;

* Adaption: are we judgers or perceivers; sensors or Intuitors.

With this background and understanding of history you are now introduced to Wyatt Woodsmall’s metaprogram Cookbook where you will learn and understand:

* Sorting principles and the many different types of sorting methods including – time sorts, reason sorts and convincer sorts to name a few;

* Lewenthal’s Reality systems model sorts;

* Stress Responses (based around thinker/feeler).

This e-book is incredibly comprehensive and is based on two presentations delivered by Wyatt Woodsmall on metapatternsTM.  If you are an NLP practitioner, then this is one of the most advance NLP updates you will be exposed to.

Because there is extensive background given, the reader has a comprehensive understanding of different personality programs and more importantly how to explore the question “How is it possible to be an idiot?”

If you seek true understanding of others and yourself, then this e-book is for you.

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