Tony Youngs – Real Estate Expert & Forclosure Coach

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 Tony Youngs – Real Estate Expert & Forclosure Coach

Tony Youngs – Real Estate Expert & Forclosure Coach

The Exact Steps to Profit
from Foreclosures TODAY!

The Top Speaking and Real Estate Investing Pros On The Planet Give you ALL the training and tools you need.

Banks Foreclosures Are Way Up.
Equity Is On The Rise.


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Learn from Foreclosure Experts
in this Power Packed “Real World” Training.

Are you tired of trying training courses that:

  • Waste Your Time!
  • Give you just enough information to know how much you DON’T KNOW!
  • Spend ¾ of the time selling you on buying another product or service!

We are too!

In this training, the experts tell you exactly what to do.

In this series of intense interviews, we grill our faculty of heavyweight, top-tier pros for specific, tested and practical advice for profiting in this overdone, roller coaster real estate market. We challenge them to give us their best ideas, their best tactics, and their best techniques about how to make BIG money in foreclosures. And how to do it fast!

  • A “College Education” in profitable foreclosure investing

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Every single person on this program can put together
a profitable foreclosure deal in a day… Can you?

Tamera Aragon and Michelle Burgad – Your Hosts

Sharing how to really make money investing in foreclosures

Michelle and Tamera have been studying and investing in the real estate market for over two decades. They are real estate investors in today’s market who have a heart for sharing their success with others.

Tamera and Michelle are real estate investors and entrepreneurs who found success in foreclosures right from the start. In addition they have successfully invested in multi-units, pre-construction, single family units, rentals, property management, rehabbing, and land development. They were friends first, who found it much easier to go through the process of buying real estate together.

They have purchased over 10 million dollars in real estate in just the last few years and currently hold properties all over the U.S. Their current focus is on the booming (or busting we should say), foreclosure market today. Their goal is to always create a win/win situation for everyone involved while also building their portfolio in the process.


CRIS CHICO – Real Estate Investor, trainer and coach

Finding flipping properties quickly all across the USA… with only a cell phone and a laptop

Cris reveals his complete turn key system that anyone can follow and immediately achieve the EXACT same results!


  • Find hot real estate markets anywhere in the U.S
  • Locate motivated sellers that are willing to sell you their property for pennies on the dollar
  • Use online tools to determine the market value of any property anywhere
  • Find hungry buyers that will pay you an assignment fee to take over your deal
  • Get paid without ever leaving your house, meeting any buyer or seller, and with zero risk!

Cris Chico is a successful real estate investor in Florida who specializes in wholesaling in local and long distance markets. Over the last two years he successfully flipped 116 properties and generated over $1,452,108 in profits. He rarely personally inspects any of the properties that he flips or meets with any buyers or sellers. In fact, most of the markets that he operates are thousands of miles away.

He’s developed proven methods to build a buyer’s list in any market using both offline and online methods quickly. Click Here for more information from Cris Chico.

TONY YOUNGS – Foreclosure Success Expert

Tony Youngs’ Hidden Market

Power Packed “real world” “Hidden Market”
within the foreclosure market training.


  • Use all new strategies to create wealth from the crises
  • Discard old techniques that can cause future problems
  • Create HUGE profits by discounting liens and mortgages
  • Avoid foreclosure scams and fraudulent transactions
  • Build a long term profitable foreclosure business
  • Find HIGH PROFIT deals that no-one else knows about
  • Be ready for massive discounts
  • Profit from the Subprime crises
  • Use multiple exit stratagies
  • Use new secrets Tony has discovered at the auctions


Tony Youngs began his investment career in 1986.

In Tony Youngs teachings, he shows that there are eight categories for purchasing properties in the foreclosure process. He also shows the numerous techniques for buying these properties in each category, and how to deal with bankruptcy in the foreclosure process.

Tony Youngs still actively visits approximately 40 properties in foreclosure per month and tracks them through the process and acquires some of them at each stage of the foreclosure process. He is always on the cutting edge of the latest techniques and strategies. To find out more from Tony Youngs, click here

MARK WALTERS – 3rd Generation
Real Estate Investor & Author

How to find all the motivated home buyers you can handle and automate the process!

Could you imagine if every time you bought an investment property you had people lined up to buy it?

Mark Walters is a 3rd generation real estate investor and author of the Smash Hit video series, “How To Find All The Motivated Home Buyers You Can Handle!”

He shares the most effective ways to find motivated buyers

You will learn the best strategies Mark knows:

  • How to get buyers to come to you
  • How to market to get a list of buyers when you have nothing to sell
  • How to find buyers with a down payment
  • How to find buyers with decent credit
  • How to get buyers to follow through with commitments
  • Make sure buyers are truly motivated and ready to buy
  • Getting buyers to act vs. “it will be even cheaper if we wait another month…”
  • Find buyers online
  • Finding qualified buyers who can get a mortgage
  • Ways to separate yourself from everyone else when it comes to marketing
  • How to “firm up” the buyers qualifications
  • How to improve buyers FICO score, creating a list of loyal buyers and referrals
  • Get buyers to keep their appointments
  • How you can determine if a potential buyer can qualify for a future mortgage in an uncertain lending market
  • How to find buyers who can afford the down payment and monthly payment
  • The best way to screen out unqualified buyers
  • The best low cost ways to market
  • Automated screening techniques
  • The most inexpensive ways to have a consistent stream of HIGHLY motivated sellers with whom to speak
  • The best ways to stand out among the competition of conventional minded sellers when trying to sell a property


We have been sharing our Eight Decades of investing experience with others since 1985

Mark Walters website is quickly becoming one of the most successful places on the Internet for people to find nuts and bolts investing information at very affordable prices. Click here to learn more from Mark Walters

CHARLES DUDLEY – The Mentor to Mentors & CEO of Real Estate Investing’s Most Wanted

Profits in foreclosures without using your personal credit financing!

Charles gives you the combination to success in this outstanding program that covers hot topics such as wraparound mortgages, owner financing, and so much more! When the bank just won’t budge on financing in today’s market, open the vault to success with these award winning concepts that will add thousands to your bottom line. There are millions to be made on theses little known concepts!


  • Pick up nice properties without financing
  • Sell your properties above market value
  • Sell your properties in less than half the average time on market
  • Make thousands each month without using your own cash or credit
  • Create a steady stream of income without rentals

Charles believes in being a major catalyst for his friends, his community and business associates to achieve the passions they were placed on this planet to achieve. In the U.S. Army, Charles experienced the value of teamwork and leadership. Charles, a lifelong student, started with business and accounting and most recently earned a Master’s degree in Theology. Charles organized and contributes to the Virginia Regional Real Estate Investor’s Association. Thousands have benefited from Charles Dudley’s National Internet-based Real Estate Investing and Training. Find out the missing pieces to your real estate investing from Charles Dudley, a terrific Real Estate Coach, Life Success Coach, Strategist, Promoter and “Mentor to the Mentors”.

To learn more from Charles, go here now.

JOHN TYLER – Investor & Top Trainer
with D.C. Fowler Company

Short Sales making $20,000-$40,000 profit on your next deal!

Learn step by step how to dominate your foreclosure market using this #1 real estate investing strategy.


  • How to gain leverage with the lender and make them say yes
  • Developing a plan of attack
  • When and how to push the right buttons during your negotiations
  • What is a BPO and how it effects a short sale
  • The 5 steps to successfully influencing the BPO

John has been a full time real estate investor since 2002. He specializes in buying and selling pre-foreclosed and distressed properties. He’s made a fortune by acquiring real estate using the Short Sale technique. In John’s first 3 months as a Short Sale investor he closed 3 deals for a total of $113,994.78 in net profit. He has been growing his real estate business for 6 years with the help of an awesome team and through the knowledge of some great teachers. One of John’s biggest influences has been Mr. D.C. Fowler who he credits as showing him just about everything he knows about Short Sales. He also provides one-on-one training with some of Mr. Fowler’s top Short Sale students. John along with his wife and two children reside in North Atlanta, GA.

John has been personally trained by D.C. Fowler and has taught some of Mr. Fowlers top money earning real estate investors how to do it. Mr. Fowler has been a real estate investor for over 15 years specializing in the area of pre-foreclosure/short sale investing

Over the last 3 years the Making Money with Short Sales program has helped thousands of investors earn huge profits buying and selling pre-foreclosures. Mr. Fowler made sure that the information in his course was not only comprehensive but easy to follow and apply as well.

Mr. Fowler’s philosophy is simple – In order to reach ones maximum level of success in real estate, he or she must carve out at least one niche area and become an expert. His goal is to arm his students with the necessary information and tools to master the area of short sale investing.

To find out how to do short sales – Click here.

KAREN NELSON BELL – Trainer Author

The truth behind the controversial subject of ‘Subject To’

Karen reveals the secrets behind the controversial subject that real estate insiders call “subject to.” It’s a great companion strategy for foreclosures, and works equally well when the investor simply doesn’t want to use his own credit on a deal, whether foreclosure or not.

Karen will teach you how to buy preforeclosures using none of your own money!:

  • What the amazing subject of “subject to” is all about
  • Why you don’t need to worry if a loan is assumable or not
  • How to purchase a house no matter how stinky your own credit might be
  • How to purchase a house without getting a loan at all
  • How to create confidence between the seller and you so you can really help them
  • Two absolute no-no’s for pre-foreclosure buying
  • Exactly what documents you need to get from the seller who’s in pre-foreclosure when you’re doing “subject to”

Karen and her co author Robert G. Allen saw Nothing Down for Women became #1 on in January of 2007. The system was tested for a year with over 100 students to make sure it worked for others, not just for her.

Karen supports multiple charities, and a charitable scholarship foundation in her husband’s name helps deserving people study with her mentor and co- author Robert G. Allen

To learn more from Karen – click here

TODD DOTSON – The Checks Don’t Lie™

Two part presentation ‘Real Estate Without Risk’ plus ‘Finding Motivated Sellers’

Todd shares his best stategies:

  • Why Most Investors Fail and How You Can Avoid Joining Them
  • Creating a Risk Free Real Estate Machine
  • How to Get In, Get Out, and Get Paid
  • The Art of the FlipTM With Equity, No Equity, and Negative Equity Deals
  • Where to Invest Right Now for Maximum Returns
  • Finding Motivated Sellers in any Market who will be fighting for Your Deals
  • More!!

As the developer of the nation’s first on site mentoring program, Todd has the unique advantage of having mentored students in every major market in the country – a claim that only he and his team can make! Hands on experience allows him to seamlessly combine wholesale buying, purchase options, creative financing and pre-foreclosure strategies – Anywhere, USA.

The results speak for themselves as does Todd’s trademark slogan, “The Check’s Don’t LieTM“. Are you interested in learning more from Todd? Click here!

Bonus Sessions

Charles Petty – Real Estate Investor, Speaker and Coach

How to build, cultivate and make money with a huge NATIONAL (and International) buyer list!


  • Online and offline lead generation sources
  • How to convert leads to buyers using direct mail, teleseminars, webinars, email campaigns, and special offers!
  • How to develop and make money with a preferred buyers club
  • How to get great testimonials that will help sell your properties like hotcakes!
  • Why you should incorporate live seminars into your marketing mix
  • How to use internet radio, podcasting and social media into your marketing for buyers
  • 7 keys to managing and monetizing a National Buyers list

Charles worked as a corporate and securities attorney for two Atlanta law firms. He works hand and hand with his wife and business partner in his real estate business. He and his wife Kim have been investing in real estate for 9 years. They wanted to be able to make their own choices and determine their own worth.—and escape the rat race! They wanted to become their own bosses and set their own hours. Kim and Charles wanted to have a family and be able to spend quality time together. They also wanted to make a positive difference in other people’s lives and in the community. So they turned to real estate to make these things happen. They began buying and holding rental properties in 1998.

Kim and Charles currently buy and sell up to 6-10 properties per month and have been involved in over 700 real estate transactions in the last 9 years, through wholesaling, retailing, lease options and rental properties.

Are you interested in hearing more from Charles Petty? Click here!

Graham Treakle – Author, Speaker,
Experienced Real Estate Investor

Automated Real Estate
Learn How to Easily Automate your daily processes needed for real estate investing.


  • Generating leads
  • Direct mail
  • Phone service
  • Tracking sellers
  • Tracking buyers
  • Generating contracts

These can all be automated and made easier for real estate investors. This training teaches how!

Graham Treakle became known as the foremost authority in real estate foreclosures and short sales shortly after leaving his full time banking job and publishing his first book “Your Insiders Guide to Successful Short Sales. He has been a full time investor since 1998 and has 20-30 deals in the pipeline at all times. Graham buys and sells houses in his hometown of Winston-Salem North Carolina.

Graham’s streamlined approach to real estate investing reflects excellent models to follow if you want achieve your financial goals with real estate investing. If you like to ideal of automating your business and using proven strategies that work in today’s real estate market, then Graham “Mr. Banker” Treakle’s is one session you will not want to miss. To find out more from Graham Treakle, click here

Tamera Aragon & Michelle Burgad – Authors, Real Estate/Foreclosure Experts

“Wrapping It Up!”
Step by Step to finding, negotiating, funding, & enjoying MASSIVE PROFITS in foreclosures TODAY!

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