Target Insider – How To Create Facebook(TM) Ad Campaigns So That You Can Get 600% ROI in 72 Hours

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Target Insider - How To Create Facebook(TM) Ad Campaigns So That You Can Get 600% ROI in 72 Hours1Target Insider – How To Create Facebook(TM) Ad Campaigns So That You Can Get 600% ROI in 72 Hours

(Even if you have a small budget and you’re a scaredy cat of the camera)

That’s a 6x Return on Ad Spend!

Hey there, Maria here.

The screenshot above shows that for every $1 dollar put in…you get more than $6 back.

Amazing right!

“You are so ready to harness the power of Video + Facebook™.”

Trust me, it’s a lot easier than you think.

Because there’s a 5 Step Process that gives you Everything You Need To Know To:

  • Create,
  • Promote,
  • And Gobble Up Sales With Video On Facebook™.

We tender lovingly call this 5 step process the:

The Double Decker Formula

This video course will show you exactly how to use video to supercharge your ads so you’ll get a surge of traffic and buyer (whether you sell products or services).

If you’re an entrepreneur who is saying to yourself “What the heck is a Video Ad Campaign?” right about now, then you need to get on this.

The best news? It’s only $147

That’s less than a gourmet pizza and drinks…or a fancy walk in TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Winners or your guilty pleasure.

How the Double Decker Formula Came About…

It’s true…most brilliant ideas you completely stumble upon.

This happened here.

No joke. Kara was SHOCKED at the results when we decided to test it.

At first…she didn’t believe it.

Yes – Kara was a NEGATIVE NANCY.

And then…better than a salted caramel chocolate…she was sweetly surprised at the SALES it produced.

She even has a video inside the program talking about that. (it’s a FREE below so check it out ok?)

Previously, the Double Decker Formula was only available inside our signature course – Video Ads Made Easy.

Good news is…

We chose to pull it out and make it available to everyone! (We wholeheartedly believe everyone needs this formula)

The Double Decker Formula is proven to work no matter your industry.

Work with me in this step-by-step training to personally launch & grow your products, services, and offers without sacrificing your sanity even if you think you have hired or taken a bunch of other courses (with teeny weeny results)

Let’s get you the BIG HUGE results.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction
  • What is Retargeting & Why You MUST Do It! (7:45)
  • CASE STUDY: Watch as Kara Reveals The Double Decker Profit Combo (How We Turned $53.29 Into $1,999) (5:29)
  • A Deep Dive into The Double Decker Profit Combo (12:55)
  • Hand Out Check List
  • Handout (Slide deck)
Step 1: Create Video
  • Let’s Create That Video! (6:42)
  • Watch One Of Our Video Ads (0:58)
Step 2: Video Views
  • Create Your Video VIEWS Campaign (18:59)
  • The Perfect Ad Formula (9:18)
Step 3: Select Your Custom Audiences
  • Create Your CUSTOM Audiences (9:11)
  • If Your Facebook Business Manager Defaults You To Power Editor
Step 4: RETARGET with a NEW Image
  • Create Your Website Conversion Campaign with Image Ads (18:25)
  • Craft Your Sizzling Ad Images with a FREE Tool! (15:13)
  • Example Of Great Retarget Ad From Click Funnels (1:23)
Step 5: RETARGET with a NEW Video
  • Fortune is in the FOLLOW UP….. (16:28)
  • Example 1 Video Ad Retargeting (1:01)
  • Example 2: Video Ad Retargeting (0:41)
  • Slide Deck
  • How To Spy On Your Competitors Targeting… Sneaky Trick (1:37)
  • A Deeper Look In to The Sneaky Method (2:59)
  • Case Study: Take a Peak in Our Own Ad Account
  • Case Study: Ecom Dealman
  • Case Study: Biohacker Guide

Your Instructor

Target Insider

Maria Gudelis has created multiple million dollar online companies and has taught over 30,000 people worldwide over the last decade. Her direct response marketing skills and copywriting act as catalyst to her clients businesses resulting in increased revenues and asset value.

Kara Charron is a Serial Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Consultant & Master Strategist. Kara’s passion for success is infectious. She created her first multi-million dollar company in her 20s. She has advised on 6 and 7 figure launches while focusing on simplifying and streamlining the process for maximum results.