Suzanne Scurlock – Reclaiming Your 6 Body Wisdom Areas

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Suzanne Scurlock - Reclaiming Your 6 Body Wisdom Areas

 Suzanne Scurlock – Reclaiming Your 6 Body Wisdom Areas

Discover how to activate your body’s capacity for dissolving blocks and traumas so you thrive on every level — physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Establish a strong, intimate relationship with your unique physical self — and your innate guidance system — for a lifetime of greater intuition, vitality, pleasure, and joy.

Imagine your life flowing more effortlessly, with a greater sense of connectedness and the freedom to be wildly creative. You’re more present with others, and when they feel your welcoming energy, they become more relaxed and present themselves…

When you experience the calm, grounded, crystal-clear awareness that comes with full-body presence, you can tap into a deep universal wisdom which too many of us have forgotten how to access… enabling you to instantly perceive your body’s important messages…

For example, when waves of uneasiness roll through your gut, you know that a threat is at hand. Or you may feel a strong constriction in your heart when grief pays a visit.

But it’s not just the heart or gut that have intuitive guidance for you — each part of your body is an ongoing flow of unique guidance for you.

And when you’re not in touch with these messages, there’s almost certainly dissonance between your mind, body, and spirit — creating stress, confusion, and energetic blocks in your life.

Yoga, meditation, and other mind-body practices can be helpful in keeping you tuned in with your body’s natural intuition. Yet oftentimes, even while immersed in these truly beneficial practices, we can hit a wall — knowing that something undefinable is still blocking us from being fully present and completely “inhabiting” our body.

This could be something as simple as a clenched jaw you’re unaware of in a stressful meeting, or a much more persistent, long-term obstacle, such as the residue of a life trauma that’s energetically lodged within your system.

Or, you may have negative perceptions about your body — you don’t think you’re attractive enough… you believe you’re too heavy or too thin… or perhaps you’re struggling to accept the effects of aging.

These unbeneficial thoughts coupled with our unconsciousness around our body’s sensations can create blind spots that prevent us from achieving the optimal presence we desire in day-to-day living.

They can also stifle our spiritual growth — the inner wisdom, compassion, and connectedness we strive to open to on the cushion may feel just out of reach.

The remedy for this imbalance — which most of us struggle with daily — is to establish a strong, deep, intimate relationship with your own unique physical self.

When you discover how to establish and nurture a healthy relationship with your body, you can reclaim the “lost parts” of yourself, draw from your body’s innate wisdom, and better navigate your life.

Science tells us that our many body systems are meant to work together to help us maintain optimal homeostasis, which expresses itself as internal stability and balance.

Your body is designed to guide you, keep you safe, and bring you full vitality and pleasure. It’s the vehicle through which you create and manifest your thoughts and dreams into reality.

When you’re in tune with your body, you can more easily achieve that luscious feeling of full-body presence because you’re aware of the sensations and signals your body is sending you — you know how to interpret this innate wisdom AND how to use its gifts.

So how can you learn to listen to your body in ways that help you use it as the wise navigational system it is?

Be Guided by a Body Awareness Expert

In Reclaiming Your 6 Body Wisdom Areas, bestselling author and leading conscious awareness instructor Suzanne Scurlock, CMT, CST-D, will provide you with the knowledge you need to discover, tune in to, and draw from the power of your body wisdom areas for greater intuition, discernment, vitality, personal power, and joy.

Suzanne is one of the world’s leading authorities on conscious awareness and its transformational impact on the healing process. For more than 30 years, she’s empowered others with practical tools which help improve every aspect of their lives — from health and wellbeing to relationships, career, creativity, and spiritual growth.

The six important body wisdom areas you’ll explore with her in this powerful virtual program are the brain, heart, gut, pelvis, bones, and feet and legs. Each provides you with specific information about what you’re feeling (or not feeling) and how you’re actually responding to the world around you in any given moment.

As science dictates, all of your body systems are designed to work together. Every cell is meant to be talking to every other cell all the time — a synergy which can help you thrive, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually too… If you’re tuned into this innate wisdom.

Our body’s wisdom, Suzanne teaches, speaks to each of us in unique ways. In times of stress, some might have a “felt sense” that creates a wave of sensation throughout the body; others may feel contracted in the gut; still others may notice a blocking off or numbness in the pelvic area.

Suzanne’s proven methods for awakening the body’s innate wisdom and her work as a craniosacral therapist and in SomatoEmotional Release® (and as an international teacher of these modalities) were inspired in early adulthood by a violent attack involving a trusted friend that left her with chronic pain and emotional trauma.

As Suzanne learned, our reactions to our body sensations can often be overly vigilant, as our brain may be thinking what’s happening now is similar to a past traumatic event. This locks us out of the current moment and leaves us vulnerable, because we can’t accurately sense what the rest of our body (especially the heart or gut) is telling us.

And if you can’t feel present-moment sensations, then you’re left to relating with past experience through the mind only.

This life-transforming, 7-module virtual program will show you how outdated beliefs, emotional blocks, and trauma of all kinds can be discovered and released from the body.

You’ll also learn how to use your body wisdom areas to their full capacity to gain a lifetime of resources for clearer intuition, better health, greater energy, and more creativity and joy.

During this powerful training with Suzanne Scurlock, you’ll discover:

  • Why the gut is the most misinterpreted wisdom area and how this can keep you trapped in stress, overwhelm, and confusion
  • The important interconnections between your brain and all your other wisdom centers
  • The gut-brain connection and how it increases the accuracy of all your decisions
  • New awareness about your limiting beliefs about your body
  • How to move beyond self-judgement
  • The hidden anatomy of the heart — that it has a “front” and “back” — and what you need to know to protect and draw from these areas
  • The ancient primal power of the pelvis for joy, sensuality, and pleasure
  • The metabolizing effect of the legs and feet when they’re activated
  • How your bones can give you a sense of steadiness in times of emotional turmoil

Throughout your life, as time passes and situations change, your relationships with others will shift; yet, as long as you’re alive, your body will always be with you.

This 7-module virtual journey into discovering and using the innate knowledge of your six body wisdom areas will deepen and strengthen this longest relationship of all — your relationship with the unique physical you.

It will help you tune in to what your body was designed to do — guide and protect you, provide vitality and pleasure, and help you live with full awareness of the unfolding of life in each moment.

Tapping into your full-body presence is how you open to your full creative potential, the sheer enjoyment of life AND manifest what you most desire!

This is your opportunity to discover how to establish and enjoy a healthy relationship with your body, to reclaim “lost parts” of yourself, draw from your body’s wisdom, and gain the skills to better navigate your life now and for years to come.

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

In this 7-module transformational intensive, Suzanne will guide you through the fundamental spiritual skills and competencies you’ll need to successfully tune in to and use the valuable knowledge your body innately holds to release your obstacles to thriving — physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Each contemplation and training session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to sustain a strong, deep, intimate relationship with your own unique physical self for a lifetime of greater awareness and vitality.

Module 1: Bust the 5 Body Myths Derailing Your Body Awareness

What’s your current relationship to your body? Is it friendly or does it feel uneasy or unsettled? As you age, are you judging your body harshly — and liking what you see less and less? Despite your spiritual growth, do you still sometimes find your self-worth tied to your appearance?

Oftentimes, our true perceptions of our body exist below the waterline of our consciousness, which, like a staticky radio station, can be an internal distraction that can prevent you from being present in the moment AND in your life.

SO… during this first week, to start to “make friends” with your body, you’ll be guided in taking an assessment of just how comfortable you are in your own skin to discover and address any beliefs (or Body Myths) which are hijacking your joy and aliveness.

In this module you’ll:

  • Gain new awareness about your limiting beliefs about your body
  • Discover how to move beyond self-judgement
  • Learn the 5 Body Myths that may be derailing your relationship with your body
  • Discover the truth behind the myths
  • Lay the foundation for entering your Body Wisdom Centers (CAT)

Module 2: Discover & Reclaim the ‘Front’ & ‘Back’ of Your Heart

Most of us care deeply about other people. In fact, our whole lives may be centered around others — our radiant heart revealing the caring, compassionate person we are. Yet, when you’re “all heart,” pouring so much of your love energy into your life and work, without refilling your own cup often or deeply enough, you can become depleted. You may even suffer “compassion fatigue,” and the energy and inspiration for your own ambitions can flicker out.

Knowing the hidden anatomy of your heart and how it can help you assess its needs in any given moment can lift you out of this cycle of depletion and burnout. As you learn to draw from your heart’s natural wellspring for rejuvenation, vitality, and joy, you can strike a balance that allows you to be the compassionate person you are AND keep your own health thriving as well.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The hidden anatomy of the heart — that it has a “front” and “back” — and what you need to know to protect and draw from these areas
  • The importance of caring for your heart
  • Easy exercises for reconnecting with your heart
  • How to expand your awareness of your heart through touch and deeper heart presence

Module 3: Embrace the Wisdom of Your Gut & Expand Your Instinctual Knowing

How often has your gut clearly told you what you should do, but you second-guessed yourself and sabotaged that instinctual knowing by reasoning it away? Or perhaps you’ve experienced a crystal-clear message from your gut, only to quickly defer to your brain, where you interpret it from a “rational” perspective and create plans based on that interpretation rather than on what your gut originally told you. These are classic ways in which we block ourselves from the instinctual knowledge our gut holds for us.

Your gut is the repository of great wisdom about what’s happening inside AND around you in this moment… and then in the next moment, and the next. Your gut gives you clear signals about whether people, situations, or events in your life are right or wrong for you at this time. So learning to listen to (and trust) the cues we receive from this wisdom area is important to creating the life we desire — and for our safety as well.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How the gut registers what you need to know most
  • The importance of staying connected to your gut in each moment
  • Why the power of the present moment is the critical key to embracing the wisdom of your gut
  • Why the gut is the most misinterpreted wisdom area and how this can keep you trapped in stress, overwhelm, and confusion
  • An explorative exercise to help you know how to use your gut for wise decision making in times of inner or outer confusion

Module 4: Open to the Ancient Primal Power of Your Pelvis for More Joy & Sensuality

Our culture and religion can discourage us from embodying the primal power of our pelvis — doing so is considered seductive or even dangerous. Yet, advertising lures us in with seductive marketing, knowing we’re instinctively drawn to this powerful wisdom area. Despite this, however, we rarely live fully from this place or integrate its full power into our overall body wisdom.

Without the potency of this wisdom area, our inner fire grows cold and our health and vitality suffers. We lose our resilience to bounce back from stress, and chronic illness can ultimately creep in.

When the pelvis is locked down or compartmentalized due to trauma or physical injury, we’re unknowingly draining the life out of our heart’s inspirations. So, this “black sheep” of the body wisdom areas is an important one to tune in to.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • “It’s all about the bass,” which is rarely experienced fully or clearly
  • Why a block in your pelvis can make everything in life harder
  • How you may use willpower when your pelvic power is diminished — and the price you pay for that
  • The ancient primal power of the pelvis for joy, sensuality, and pleasure
  • An exercise to unlock your pelvis energy

Module 5: Use Your Legs & Feet to Step Into Your Healthy Energy Flow

When you need to make a decision now, get your legs and feet moving! So often we attribute what this wisdom area brings to other areas of the body. We think, Oh, my heart told me to take that route. Or, my gut has the lead on that one. When, in fact, what often catalyzes good decision making is movement of the legs and feet.

The cross-body movement of this area is even believed to signal the brain’s right and left hemispheres to integrate, opening us to better solutions and possibilities for our lives. The feet and legs also stimulate creativity and generate energy along with many other stealth benefits.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The metabolizing effect of the legs and feet when they’re activated
  • How the legs and feet integrate the left and right hemispheres of the brain to help you discover new options and opportunities
  • How this portal to your healthy energy flow brings practical, measurable success in all areas of your life — from relationships to career to finances
  • An exercise that will show you how to make difficult decision making much easier

Module 6: Claim the Clarity & Steadiness in Your Bones to Live From Your Core

Do you find yourself pulled off center and feeling “off” due to the stressors of your life and the world around you? Does your external world dictate your happiness? Do you tell yourself, I will be content when my partner changes, when my work situation is better, when the turbulence and danger of the world’s political circumstances change?

If any of the above ring true for you, then this wisdom area is calling to you. The bones are your densest form of connective tissue and the sturdiest structures in your body. They naturally radiate a sense of steadiness. And when you drop deep into this inner recess of who you are, the urgency of the outside world fades, your perceptual lens expands, and the fog around you slowly fades, bringing you greater clarity.

In this module, you’ll discover how:

  • Your bones give you a sense of steadiness in times of internal emotional turmoil
  • To use your bone presence to be a steadying influence when the world around you is in chaos
  • To use your bones to receive clarity
  • Honoring your bones, your innermost sanctum, allows you to live from the core of who you are
  • Through a special exercise, you can experience your innermost sacred spaces

Module 7: Discover Your Brain’s Power to Interconnect With All Your Wisdom Areas

Your brain has long been king of your body. It second-guesses your gut, invalidates your deep heartfelt responses for being unreasonable, and is highly suspicious of the power of the pelvis. The brain also claims credit for decisions activated by the legs and feet, and generally views itself as superior to the rest of your body.

Yet, recent research shows how much wisdom actually resides within the rest of the body, and how this knowledge is fed to the brain to help us make healthy resolutions to life’s challenges. We can still value the brain for the wonderful integrator of information, mapmaker, and strategizer it is AND for its ability to help us listen to our entire body’s wisdom.

In this last module, you’ll discover:

  • The brain’s role in integrating your body’s wisdom
  • The important interconnections between the brain and all the other wisdom centers
  • What happens when the brain values the heart and listens to it
  • The gut-brain connection and how it increases the accuracy of all your decisions
  • Your body as an integrated system offering optimal living, not just survival
  • Intuition re-defined, with input from the whole system
  • An exercise to experience your integrated system