Six Seconds – Management Essentials Complete Kit

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Six Seconds – Management Essentials Complete Kit

Six Seconds – Management Essentials Complete Kit


The practical emotional intelligence tools every manager needs to build performance

Training Materials for Developing Human Performance

Management Essentials are six workshops to equip every manager with the most important tools for the people-side of their job. The curriculum strengthens performance with a powerful framework to understand the job of managing people, and practical tools to make it happen. This program is part of the Developing Human Performance series; complete modules every development professional can use to build the skills for every day leadership needs. These workshops blend engaging learning and powerful content with the perspective of emotional intelligence experts.

Introduction – Background, Learning Design, and License Agreement.

ME1 EQ on the Dashboard – Emotions drive people, and people drive performance. Using the “Dashboard” from the Brain Profiles, managers learn how to make this formula work. This module introduces managers to key ideas for working WITH people by understanding a little about emotional intelligence as a key driver of performance.

ME2 Essentials of Trust – Recent Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) reports have found that Trust – or lack of it – is going to be one of the biggest leadership issues in the coming years. This module explores aspects of trust and leverages the Brain Brief Profile to build more productive and trusting relationships.

ME3 The Challenge of Change – The real challenge of change is rooted in neurobiology – the human brain wires itself to respond in a particular way. This module helps people gain insight into ways they can successfully navigate change by forming new and lasting connections utilizing their Brain Talents.

ME4 Igniting Motivation – Employees perform optimally when leaders inspire and engage by providing meaning, freedom to innovate and building trust. This module helps managers see that different kinds of motivators drive different kinds of performance with different people.

ME5 Enhancing Teamwork – This module supports performance by helping managers understand the meaning of “team” and the key drivers of team performance. Topics include fostering a climate where divergent viewpoints contribute to innovation – while also building collaboration and harmony.

ME6 Accelerating Execution – The climate the manager creates within the team/organization supports or undermines the ability to generate results. High performance grows when managers create the conditions for execution by increasing focus, creating accountability, and increasing the quality of feedback. In this module, managers learn a framework of the keys to execution and how they can leverage and develop their own capabilities to best support their teams to achieve quality results.

Each module includes PowerPoint® slides, handouts, videos, and a detailed step-by-step facilitator guide.

This training curriculum is intended to meet the “everyday” needs of HR and development professionals. While the content is about practical daily leadership and management issues, there is a “golden thread” of emotional intelligence woven throughout. This makes the modules more powerful and creates a consistency that allows you to deliver multiple modules knowing they will interlock and reinforce one another