Mike Robertson – Elite Athlete Development 2.0

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Mike Robertson - Elite Athlete Development 2.0

Mike Robertson – Elite Athlete Development 2.0

For Mike Robertson – Elite Athlete Development 2.0

Here’s YOUR V.I.P. Pass to THE AthleticDevelopment Course That High School, College AND Professional
Strength Coaches Are Raving About…
Get Your Hands on the Resource That Will Supercharge
Your Programming and Coaching – Guaranteed!

Last year, Joe Kenn and I joined forces to create our first ever Elite Athletic Development seminar, because we were sick and tired of the status quo.

We’ve attended more than our fair share of courses, and let me tell you…

…it can be downright frustrating.

As a speaker you rarely have the time to “get to the good stuff.” Most speaking gigs only allow for an hour of material, and by the time you’ve introduced yourself, the topic, and summarized on the back end, you’ve only got 20-30 minutes to get your point across!

And as an attendee, this is equally frustrating.

You spend both time and money getting to course, only to walk away with a limited amount of usable information.

Reasons like this are exactly why we created the EAD seminars, and why we feel they’ve been such an overwhelming success.

Over the last two years high school, collegiate and professional strength and conditioning coaches have raved about Joe Kenn and I’s Elite Athletic Development seminars.

These coaches flat-out wanted more. The wanted to dig deeper, and to get really granular on the topics of program design and coaching.

At last year’s EAD seminar, it was our goal to give the attendees an overview of each of our philosophies.

And while last year was great, it’s simply not possible to give away every ounce of information, even over the course of an intensive two-day seminar.

EADS20GroupPhotoSo for this year’s EADS 2.0 course, we made it our goal to dig even deeper – to have a laser-like focus on hot-button topics like periodization, in-season training, and how to refine your own training philosophy.

Because at this stage in the game, you’re already working on (or dialing in) your own, personal philosophy.

At this stage, you don’t need more fluff or witty one-liners.

What you need are the specifics, the details that will take your programming and coaching to the next level.

And that’s what the EADS 2.0 Seminar videos are all about.

And if you missed last year’s event, don’t worry! You’ll be able to jump right in and start learning. (And if you want a copy to catch up, we’ve got a sweet offer for you as well).

If you’re ready to take a huge step forward, and get to the next level with regards to your programming and coaching, then you’ll absolutely love EADS 2.0!
What You MUST Know to Take YOUR
Programming and Coaching to the Next Level…

As a coach, you’ve probably already got the “Big Rocks” of your philosophy in place.

Now it’s time to dig in and get focused on the specific details that will take you from good to great, or from great to Elite.

Here’s a brief overview of what’s covered in this course:

How to develop, organize and refine your own, unique training philosophy.
Why in-season exercise selection is crucial, and how to pick the best exercises (as well as which ones to avoid!)
A complete, step-by-step formula for laying out complete annual plans.
The best ways to manage volume and intensity week-to-week, both in and out of season.
Arguably the most thorough presentation on periodization, EVER.
Specific case studies that break down how to put together all the pieces of a training program, including speed, power, strength and conditioning.
How to develop, grow and evolve into the best coach you can become (plus how to build the culture within your team or facility).

What Real Coaches Had to Say
About the Elite Athletic Development 2.0 Seminar…

As you can see, this event is truly one of a kind.

We’re blessed to have some amazing attendees in our seminars – coaches who are serious about getting better, and taking their skills to the next level.

But before I get into more about how you can personally access these recordings, I think it would be a good idea to give you a little more info on who Joe and I are.

A 25 year coaching veteran on the High School, College, and Professional level, Joe Kenn is the most decorated strength and conditioning coach in the history of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

Kenn most recently was awarded the inaugural Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year award from the NSCA. Kenn also won the College Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year award in 2002 making him the only coach to have won both awards.

Joe Kenn currently is the Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Carolina Panthers.
Mike Robertson, MS, CSCS, USAW

Mike Robertson is the President of Robertson Training Systems and the co-owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training (I-FAST) in Indianapolis, Indiana. Mike has made a name for himself as one of the premier performance coaches in the world, helping clients and athletes from all walks of life achieve their physique and sports performance goals.

Mike has focused his coaching in recent years on elite and professional athletes. In that time he has coached professional athletes from virtually every major professional sport, including all-stars in both the NBA and MLS. He is also a highly sought-after consultant and resource for numerous high school, collegiate and professional teams, and an internationally acclaimed writer and speaker on the topics of athletic development and human performance.
13 Hours of Game-Changing Materials, Guaranteed to Take Your Program
Design and Coaching Skills to the Next Level!

Now that you know a little bit about us, here’s an overview of the course materials:
Videos 1 & 2 – Practical Periodization
The Development of the Annual Plan

What is periodization? And WHY should YOU create an annual plan?
A complete, step-by-step process to laying out an annual plan
The hidden gems Coach Kenn uses to write a COMPLETE program
Why your in-season program is perhaps even more critical than your off-season program!
The role and principles behind a Rejuvenation phase for your athletes
The myth of the “off-season”
How to take your annual plan and build it into a Quadrennial (4-year) plan for high school and college athletes

Coach Kenn’s methods for assessing movement quality, and his unique approach to fixing movement patterns

Videos 3 & 4 – Developing YOUR Training Philosophy

The Performance Pyramid I follow to address training needs (and the flow-chart you can use to pinpoint the specific needs of your athletes)
Why nutrition, recovery, and autonomic balance should be the focus BEFORE you start training!
The current myths surrounding movement quality (and the areas you MUST improve and develop in your athletes)
How to improve work capacity and conditioning of your athletes
Why strength should be a cornerstone of every program

Video 5 – Practical Periodization
Microcycles, Mesocycles, and Macrocycles

Working definitions of microcycles, mesocycles and macrocycles – what they are and how to use them
The role of the Daily Training Session
The microcycle structures Coach Kenn uses to get the best performance out of his athletes
What “Off-The-Script” (OTS) work is, and how you can use it to maximize the gains of your athletes
Various mesocycle structures you can implement based on the time you have available for your program, and how to link together mesocycles

Video 6 – Managing the In-Season Athlete

What your primary role as a coach is during the in-season
Are you a performance coach? Or a stress manager?
Why you should be using both subjective and objective measurements to determine readiness of your athletes
How to layout microcycles to maximize game performance, week-in and week-out
The role of your return-to-play protocol for injured and reserve athletes

Videos 7 & 8 – Practical Periodization
Intermixed Periodization

An overview of the classically defined types of periodization (linear, block, etc.)
An introduction to the concept of “Intermixed periodization” (and why you should adopt it)
How Intermixed Periodization allows you to train all physical traits (speed, strength, power, etc.) at the same time
Detailed explanations of sets and reps, and how to manipulate over the micro and mesocycle
Practical examples of how to layout weekly sessions based on Joe’s Tier System
The adjustments Joe has made to his exercise selection over the years

Video 9 – Elite Athlete Case Studies

Real-world, practical examples of program layout and structure
In-depth analysis behind exercise selection, microcycle and mesocycle layout
How to periodize power, strength and energy systems development over the course of an off-season
A brief discussion on why aerobic development is important for ALL field- and court-sport athletes

Videos 10 & 11 – Coaching 202

The meaning behind “Words Win”
The core qualities that every coach must possess (or develop) to be successful
Creating a successful culture in your program, and with your team
Coach Kenn’s six-point method for success

Video 12 – Audience Q&A

Breakdown and critique of an audience members’ program
Our thoughts on Crossfit
Thoughts on integrating performance and medical staffs
And much more!!!

Invest In Yourself, As Well as Your Athletes…

Now look – you’re no rookie when it comes to attending courses.

When you factor in registration fees, travel, hotel, and food, it all adds up very quickly.

At a course like this one, it’s not uncommon for attendees to pay anywhere from $1,000-$1,500 based on how far they have to travel.

So no seminar is cheap – but here’s a key distinction…

Not all seminars are equally valuable.

Attendees paid anywhere from $297-$497 to attend the EADS 2.0 course, and any one of them would tell you that money was an incredibly wise investment.

But taking this a step further – you’re not just investing in yourself…

…you’re also investing in the health and well-being of the athletes you train every single day.

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