Mike Cooch – The Local Attention Engine

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Mike Cooch - The Local Attention Engine2Mike Cooch – The Local Attention Engine

“The Step-By-Step Foolproof Way To Get More Local Attention, Traffic, And Leads With Facebook™️ Ads…Without Spending A Fortune.”

Follow my four-phase system and you’ll never have to guess how to create winning ad campaigns on Facebook™️ again!

You’ll Have Everything You Need To Create Winning Local Facebook Ad Campaigns Like Clockwork… Without Breaking The Bank!

Here’s What’s Included:

The 4 Phase Local Attention Engine System ($297.00 Value)
Complete Video Training from Mike Cooch ($297.00 Value)
The Leverage Selling Guide to Creating Facebook Audiences ($47.00 Value)
The 80/20 Guide to Writing Winning Headlines ($47.00 Value)
BONUS: The Facebook Ads Quickstart Training ($47.00 Value)
BONUS: 5 Proven Landing Page Templates ($97.00 Value)
BONUS: The Ultimate Ad Template Library (PRICELESS!)

The Local Attention Engine Will Show You Exactly…

  • How to use testing and metrics over four phases to create campaigns that generate traffic and leads without breaking the bank and without guesswork!
  • The single most important factor in making your ads work…this will get you 2-3x performance boosts!
  • How to set up Audience in Facebook for retargeting so you can get maximum ROI from your campaigns.
  • Proven formulas for writing Headlines that will get you 20%-100% better click through rates!
  • The formula for how much to spend in your campaigns to ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck and not taking unnecessary risks.
  • The major factor you can completely eliminate in Local campaigns that makes creating winning Facebook Ads dramatically easier!
  • ​And much, much more. This program is a result of years and over one million dollars in ad spend invested! Don’t reinvent the wheel…take advantage of this special offer now!

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