Mandy Morris – Authentic Creation Program

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Mandy Morris - Authentic Creation Program1Mandy Morris – Authentic Creation Program

This Program Includes:

Week 1: Alignment

  • I will teach you how to find existing ‘patterns’ in your life, and determine which ones to keep & let go… so you can create the results you want faster & with less resistance.
  • Should you run away from something? Or should you run towards it? I will teach you this.
  • I will show you how the truth about your childhood programming, and does it really play a role in your results today?

Week 2: Choosing Your Own Truth

  • I will guide you through the process of finding your own truth, and how you can use this to propel your energy to attaining your goals.
  • I’ll show you how to handle the feeling of being too concerned about what other people think, so you can pave a smoother road for your manifestations to occur.
  • I will teach you how to tune yourself to the frequency you want (and are) so you can be a vibrational match for all you desire.
  • I will train you how to embrace your ‘authenticity’ – so you become a magnetic beacon that attracts the right kind of people and experiences, all to help you get where you want to be.
  • And much more…

Week 3: Subconscious Reel

  • I will teach you how to avoid the “manifestation contradiction” dilemma a lot of people are suffering from (where you may desire something, but you may also be sending alternate energies out – hindering you from the results you want).
  • I will train you how to find “your winning thought” that serves your authentic self (…and the life that you want).
  • I will reveal to you “the truth about patience and manifestation” and “fear and manifestation” – important topics ‘manifestation gurus’ rarely talk about.
  • I will teach you how to re-program your mind (and re-write new beliefs) that actually makes you stronger and happier
  • And much more…

Week 4: Raising Your Vibration

  • I will teach you how to use the concepts of “intention & time” to multiply the results you create in life.
  • I will train you how to use a technique I call “Perception Shift” to prevent mishaps from happening to you.
  • I will tell you the surefire secret to raise your vibration ten fold (hint: huge piece of this is not just about thinking about what you want).
  • ​I will give you a list of activities & practical exercises that not only further expand your vibration, but also ‘maintains’ them.
  • And much more…

Here’s everything you get when you enroll in Authentic Creation today:

  • Lifetime access to the 30-day in-depth training on manifesting anything you desire quickly. You’ll get one video per day for the next 30 days so you can create a habit of manifestation, and start manifesting by choice.
  • Step-By-Step techniques for creating more abundance in all areas of your life health, wealth, and relationships.
  • My personal routines I do daily that gets me in the right vibration and energy to accomplish anything I want.

Enroll Now & Get 3 FREE Bonuses Worth Over $1,196

  • Bonus #1: Over 50+ hours of intensive “Question and Answer” sessions recorded and stored in our Facebook group – so you can access them at any time (Value $997)
  • Bonus #2: Audio affirmations you can listen to daily to on the topics of Abundance, self-love, and self-worth designed to reprogram your mind for success (Value $149)
  • Bonus #3: Guided meditation you can use to start your day off successfully (Value $50)

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