Katrina Ruth Programs – Kill Resistance Dead

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Katrina Ruth Programs – Kill Resistance Dead

Katrina Ruth Programs – Kill Resistance Dead


3 Weeks of Hardcore Alignment & Asskickery with Kat, to Get You Writing, Speaking, Creating, UNLEASHING What’s Within, Monetising the Fuck Out Of It, Pressing Play Fully, in All Areas!

Wanna know what it REALLY takes to Write | Speak | Create to Sell? Allow me to break it to you not TOO gently gorgeous … but first, this:

Can I ask you a question?

What would be different in your life right now if you had already learned to FULLY act in spite of resistance?

Look –

I know you’re a freakin’ superhero and you get your shit DONE, in fact people look up to you as the Gold Fucking Standard of Achievement! So don’t for a second here think I’m implying you sit on your ass doing sweet FA.

But I’m also not going to CODDLE you like everybody else does. In fact, I’m going to get straight to the point and ALL up in your face, and I’m gonna say it like it is:

Right now you’re nowhere fucking NEAR making the money you could or should be –

You’re not working with the level of clients you could be or actually deserve to be –

You’re not RECEIVING like somebody who knows they’re worth it, just about every dollar you do make is crazy hard fought for –

Your body looks and feels like, well –


And frankly?

This is not the life you damn straight KNOW you should be living right now.

Wanna know a secret?

I used to be like this too.

Wanna know something else?

I learned to fucking beat it baby, and as a result I get to now have my multi-million dollar PURPOSE driven business, work with my DREAM clients who pay me on time and also come in ALREADY high level, I get to walk around in my dream body, and I don’t do a single fucking thing in my life that doesn’t serve my VISION.

Let’s just get real here:


It will KILL you.

What am I talking about? It’s ALREADY killing you.



Maybe forever.


And you can keep on keepin’ on and spinning the same old BULLSHIT to tell yourself that things are going to change … that you’ve just been busy, no really! … that you just need to learn HOW … or that, well –


The dog ate your fucking homework? It’s the wrong phase of the moon or something? You need a virgin to come down from heaven above and hand you a scroll telling you It’s Time and You Have Been Appointed?


You’re not living your dreams because you don’t create the motherfucking habit.

You’re not paving your true path because you don’t create the DISCIPLINE.

You’re not stepping into your DESTINY because, straight up, you don’t do the WORK, but what THAT is about really is you listen to the voice which tells you it’s too HARD, you’re not READY, you’re maybe not GOOD enough, and besides – you don’t FEEL like it!

And what it’s COSTING you is not only making the MONEY you could be making right now, having the BUSINESS you could be loving right now, being able to do the WORK you were truly born to do right now, walking around with the damn fine BODY you could be sportin’ right now, ETCETERA, but also?

It’s costing you your life.

Do you hear me? Do you FEEL me? Are you freakin’ KIDDING me with this?

RESISTANCE is costing you your LIFE.

So when I say it will KILL you?

I guess what I mean is you are LETTING it kill you, and ultimately?

You’re dying for it baby.

What a way to go.

So, I said it before and I’ll say it again, and then we’re damn well gonna DO something about it.


Are you with me? Enough! Enough with the BULLSHIT. DOWN WITH THEM ALL! Down with the RIDICULOUS fucking excuses, every last one of them, because when all is said and done your excuses may be the most valid things in the WORLD, I’m sure you HAVE gone through some shit and continue to do so but can it really be made better by not continuing to press fucking play?

It doesn’t matter how busy you are.

It doesn’t matter how much you don’t know.

It doesn’t matter how much energy you’ve got.

But I also know how damn hard it is to GET moving when resistance has you bound, trapped, scared, and TRULY believing your own BS. Somehow day after day after week after week after month passes by and you can’t even quite understand how you got THIS much older and you’ve still not done it.

I’m so passionate about seeing you press play, live your purpose, make shit TRULY happen in all areas of your life, and also?

I know I can kick your butt into alignment and ACTION on this. Fast.

Which is why? This:


3 Weeks of Hardcore Alignment & Asskickery with Kat, to Get You Writing, Speaking, Creating, UNLEASHING What’s Within, Monetising the Fuck Out Of It, and FULLY Pressing Play!

No more planning.

No more thinking about HOW.

No more worrying about the RULES or the PROCESS or the freakin’ GAME.

Just commitment to showing up.

Commitment to letting it out.

Commitment to letting the message be the message, the fire be the fire, and you be YOU.

It’s time to stop telling yourself a silly story that one day you’re gonna figure it out and do it right, when EVERYTHING you need to land and expand and FLY is already within.

The Content, When You Say YES to Killing Resistance Dead With Me! –


 Daily audio asskickery for you.

Daily journaling exercise


Not to mention a kickass FB group and me there by your side as well 

What Will Happen, When You Do This Work With Me –

Anything you fucking decide 

But specifically:

You’ll be writing, speaking, creating and UNLEASHING DAILY – and it will be from a place of absolute FLOW, based on speaking your TRUTH. 

You’ll be clearer than fuck on your message and purpose, and also LIVING it

You’ll have learned exactly how to take said message, purpose, unleashment, and MONETIZE it

And you’ll have stepped into pure.unadulterated.RECEIVING. In return for what’s inside of you. In return for BEING you.

Ready to monetize YOU, and let it out the way it always had to be?

I’m gonna kick your ass to do exactly that.