Kasey Bell – Google Classroom Master Class

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Kasey Bell - Google Classroom Master Class 1Kasey Bell – Google Classroom Master Class


Take your Google Classroom skills to the next level. This is the ultimate Google Classroom tutorial! This course will give you everything you need to get ed using Google Classroom and best practices to help you make the most of this tool.

Perfect for beginner to intermediate skill levels! Consider this your video guide to Google Classroom!



This course contains everything TEACHERS need to become a Google Classroom master!

Beginners can learn everything they need to get ed.

Intermediate level users can focus on learning more advanced features.

Go at your own pace.

* Self-paced *

* Video-based lessons *

*6 BONUS Lessons*

* PDF Downloads *

* Supporting Resources *

* Best Practices and Tips *

* 6 hours professional learning credit *

* PO’s are accepted *

* Bulk license discounts *

* Get your whole team, campus, or district on board *

Let’s dig in! This class is for all skill levels!

Course Curriculum

Google Classroom Master Class
  • Course Overview (5:10)
  • Lesson 1: Introduction and Creating Your First Class (15:15)
  • Lesson 2: Adding Students and Co-Teachers (5:31)
  • Lesson 3: Creating Assignments (22:27)
  • Lesson 4: Organizing Assignments and Materials (14:38)
  • Lesson 5: Communicating with Students (10:38)
  • Lesson 6: Student View (21:25)
  • Lesson 7: Calendar, Settings, and Archival (15:14)
  • Lesson 8: Feedback, Assessment, and Grading (15:52)
  • Lesson 9: Communicating with Guardians and Parents (9:27)
  • BONUS 1: How to Package Your Digital Assignments (13:09)
  • BONUS 2: Google Classroom Tips for Remote Learning (18:08)
  • BONUS 3: Best Practices and Tips (20:58)
  • BONUS 4: MORE Google Classroom Resources
  • BONUS 5: Create a Google Quiz Assignment (and Locked Mode) (17:14)
  • BONUS 6: Google Meet Integration (11:23)
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  • Other Resources From Shake Up Learning
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Your Instructor

Kasey Bell

Kasey Bell is a former middle school teacher turned award-winning digital learning coach, international speaker, author, blogger, and podcaster with a Texas-sized passion for technology and learning.

She is part sparkling smile, part witty personality and a whole heap of passion as big as a Texas–go big or go home, y’all! She is a disruptor of the boring. An engaging, innovative, from the heart sharer who inspires educators while transforming their teaching with original, timely, and use-tomorrow ideas for student choice, differentiation, and technology integration.

Whether it is learning from home through online courses, professional development, conference workshops, or as a keynote speaker Kasey is a relentless innovator of ideas and a devoted transformer of classrooms and teaching.

Through teacher empowering publications and award-winning educational resources at ShakeUpLearning.com, learner-driven workshops and presentations, and hosting two weekly podcasts, Kasey proves why we should never settle for the boring when it comes to bringing out the very best in our students, and we should always strive to Shake Up Learning!

Host of The Shake Up Learning Show Podcast

Author of Blended Learning with Google, Named one of the Best New Professional Learning Books of 2021,” and “Best New Online Learning Books to Read in 2021,” by Book Authority.

Author of Google A to Z

Author of Shake Up Learning: Practical Ideas to Move Learning from Static to Dynamic, Named one of the “Best Learning Books of All Time,” by Book Authority

Google Certified Innovator

Google Certified Trainer

ISTE Featured Voice

Digital Innovation in Learning Award Winner in “Sharing is Caring”

One of 20 TrustED Educational Thought Leaders

Award-winning blogger and social media influencer

The award-winning Shake Up Learning website provides teachers with practical resources for using technology in the K12 classroom, including using Google Classroom, Google for Education, and other Google tools and many additional blended learning resources. We provide free technology tips and tricks, free downloads and templates, in-depth online courses, books, lesson plans, lesson ideas, cheat sheets, blog publications, and podcasts.

Kasey Bell, author, Google Certified Trainer, and Innovator, and the entire Shake Up Learning team provide in-depth, high-quality professional learning for K-12 educators worldwide through our Google Training for Schools programs, online courses, and webinars. Through face-to-face and virtual presentations, keynotes, and workshops, Shake Up Learning is committed to providing the best professional learning for K12 educators.

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