John Overdurf – Christmas Special

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John Overdurf – Christmas Special

John Overdurf – Christmas Special


John Overdurf – Christmass Special

John Overdurf – Christmass Special
“The Practical Practitioner”
Basic Overdurfian Hypnotic Coaching
The New Alchemy of HNLP and NLP Processes-with a twist!
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Introduction to ALL But A Part of the Whole:
Transcending Dualities Beyond Words
3 Day Audio Recording
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12 Daze of Christmas Price $225.00

A Glimpse Inside Training New Trances and Beyond:
An “Overdurfian” Take on the Allergy Relief Process
Video Download + Audio Download Bonus!
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12 Daze of Christmas Price $175.00

You will get downloads of:

The Practical Practitioner

All But a Part of the Whole

Overdurfian Coaching in Action- the Allergy Relief Process

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