James Shamsi – The Viral Bible

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James Shamsi – The Viral Bible Download, Well… I’ve made myself go viral dozens of times to prover there IS a viral formula.Check out some examples below… Download Tip: You can also access “James Shamsi – The Viral Bible” download link in your account or the support team will check the order status and update the download link within hours.

James Shamsi - The Viral Bible

James Shamsi – The Viral Bible

I work with some of the biggest ad agencies to give them viral ideas.
I teach them how to come up with ideas get their campaigns millions of views.Due to NDA’s (non-disclosure agreements) however, I can’t show you all my viral work. But that’s bullshit right?.  How can you possibly trust anything I say if I can’t show you proof?
Well… I’ve made myself go viral dozens of times to prover there IS a viral formula.Check out some examples below:
  •  Hid $10,000 inside of 200 fake vaginas, then buried it all on the beach:  Created #FleshCash – a PR stunt for the adult sex toy company Fleshlight. This involved burying $10,000 in 200 fake vaginas. The campaign was covered by the likes of ‘Playboy’, ‘Elite Daily’, TV News and radio… and I paid nothing to get all that PR.

  •  Tried to kill the Kardashians, i.e. created the viral sensation #KardBlock:  Kardblock is a viral Chrome extension I created to hide anything Kardashian related. It Received over 20 millions of media impressions within the first week, plus global front page & TV coverage… and a death threat from some hardcore fans

  •  Grew a Facebook page from 100 likes to 5,600,000 in 14 months… without spending a CENT: 
    I grow, manage and have personally created some of Facebook’s biggest viral stars. In total my team controls pages that generate over 300million average monthly video views. Case studies available upon request.

  •  Business Insider Interview on Viral Campaigns:  “This 22-year-old makes thousands of dollars a month via weird viral stunts” – read the article here.

  •  Made Instagram Hate Me Forever:  Duped Instagram into publicly apologizing to me for nipple inequality, seriously.
    Check it out here, the stunt went viral and hit global headlines, working by me uploading a picture of a great pair of cropped man boobs with a flowery background and dirty hashtags. As this made Insta think it was a female chest they deleted it, they then had to reinstate it  and apologize when I got the major press to cover it, (they had to put the pic back up as they’re ok with male nipples but not female). Feel free to connect with me on Insta on @jamesshamsi.