Frederic Patenaude – Perfect Health Program

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Frederic Patenaude - Perfect Health Program

Frederic Patenaude – Perfect Health Program

For Frederic Patenaude – Perfect Health Program

From: Frederic Patenaude
Montreal, Canada

Dear health-seeking friend,

We know there’s a state of mass confusion in the raw-food, vegan movement, and I I’m willing to bet on the fact that you’re probably still wondering who’s right and who’s wrong.

Let’s face it: it can get pretty confusing. There is so much contradicting information about health and nutrition out there, that it’s sometimes hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Sometimes we wonder: is there really truth among all of that, or is it up to the individual to “find out what works for him/her”?

Here are some examples of the confusion:

– One author says we should eat a low-fat, high-fruit diet; the other one says we should eat a low-fruit, high-fat diet. Who to believe?

– Some say we shouldn’t worry about protein at all and others maintain that it’s hard to find enough quality protein in a raw vegan diet.

– Some say we should avoid fruits that are “hybrids,” such as bananas.

– Some people seem to thrive on raw-vegan diets, while others don’t. Why?

– Authors who used to recommend a simple raw vegan diet now are trying to sell us a whole bunch of supplements — and say that they are essential to our health.

– The low-carb diet is becoming very popular, while a while ago the best thing in the world was the low-fat diet…

If you think that with time, you’ll just “figure out what works for you,” read this:

– Many people are still struggling after decades with their diet. You think that with time you’ll just “get it together”? Not necessarily. Fine-tuning is important, and if you don’t learn how to do it, you may still be struggling after years on the diet.

– The success rate of all those who try to eat raw-food diet without proper coaching must be less than 1%! Most people quit after some time, or struggle for years without finding a balance.

– Although there are so many health benefits associated with a raw vegan diet, there are also health hazards. For example, dental problems are very common in raw-foodists. In fact, the dental health of the raw-foodist population is much worse than that of the general population, which is already bad to begin with! It’s important to recognize those issues and understand why they occur.

After publishing a number of interviews and articles on this website presenting the raw vegan diet in a more balanced perspective, I got hundreds of e-mails of people thanking me for this information. Many said that this information freed them, but now they’re still wondering what to eat.

“What Happens If You Follow the Wrong Advice”

There are plenty of self-proclaimed health gurus who have convincing ideas and inspiring books. However, the programs they promote fail to work in the real world.

The following WILL happen to you if you follow the advice of health experts who don’t really know what they are talking about:

—> For one, you will lose of lot of time. You’ll be trying different products that don’t work, wasting your money and your health while not even coming close to reaching Perfect Health.

—> On top of that, you will end up in a worse position than you were before.

  • Lack of energy and motivation.
  • Extreme weight loss, or unexpected weight gain (or the inability to lose weight)
  • Symptoms of blood sugar problems
  • Candida, hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue

All of those symptoms that could be the direct result of listening to the wrong people!

A real health program should look at all different aspects of health, not just diet or fitness.