Diana Matuszak – Thrive: Food, Fitness, & Life

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Diana Matuszak - Thrive Food, Fitness, & Life1Diana Matuszak – Thrive: Food, Fitness, & Life

Nutrition made simple! Ditch the rules, show cravings who’s boss, learn how to eat everything you love, & never feel deprived. Find the BEST version of you!

Let me introduce myself! A quick 1 minute video so I can say hello and let you know what you get in this course!

Thrive is for you if:

  • You’re ready to find your most confident body with sustainable results
  • You’re tired of being on the motivation roller coaster and you’re ready to be motivated for good.
  • You want flexibility, to eat everything you love and see results
  • You’re tired of rules and restriction and you’re ready for food freedom
  • You’re ready to feel confident in your own body, and understand how to reach your goals through sustainable lifestyle changes
  • You want a simple approach to nutritional guidelines backed by science.
  • You don’t want to stop indulging in your favorite foods and you’re ready to show your cravings who’s boss!

What you get:

  • 18 Handouts, guides, and cheat sheets to walk you through and make lifestyle changes with ease
    • Alcohol cheat sheet
    • 30 simple and delicious recipes everyone needs
    • Ingredients list cheat sheet
    • Balanced plate creator
    • Eating for your body type experiments
    • Daily motivation finder
    • Habit tracker
    • Lifestyle decoding
  • 18 short videos of digestible lessons to accompany each week’s topics
  • Motivation and inspiration to make this time different for you
  • Bi-Monthly office hours in our private Facebook group for added accountability and support. (Not available with the Bundle Co. discount).
  • Optional break-through session add on

What you learn:

  • Macros & how to use them to your advantage (no counting required!)
  • Why the blood sugar roller coaster might be the reason you’re craving donuts on the regular or wanting coffee through an IV every afternoon – and how to fix that!
  • How to indulge in a balanced and healthy way so that you can eat everything you love and never feel deprived.
  • Show cravings who’s boss! And crave healthier.
  • Learn how what’s on your plate in life (work, stress, etc.) is effecting what’s on your dinner plate – and what to do about it!
  • How to get your most confident body FOR LIFE!

Your Instructor

Diana Matuszak

Diana Matuszak is a holistic health coach who teaches balanced food, fitness, and life. Diana began her career as a CPA and quickly realized her purpose was much greater than that. After experiencing the full spectrum of unhealthy, from insulin resistance syndrome to extremely disordered relationships with food and body, she knew she was put on that path in order to help others having similar experiences. Diana is a certified holistic health coach, with a mastery level certification in the Transformational Coaching Method as well. Diana has helped countless people through her social media platforms, online challenges, private and group coaching, products, blogs, and newsletters to find their best body, confidence, and life. You can find out more about Diana at www.dianamatuszak.com or on Instagram at @dianamatuszak_ .

Course Curriculum

Week 1!
Week 2!
  • WEEK 2: DA HECK IS A MACRO AND HOW CAN I USE THEM? And a side of fitness! (55:21)
Week 3!
  • WEEK 3: MAKE CRAVINGS YOUR BIOTCH – My secret weapon (32:02)
Week 4!
  • WEEK 4: INDULGING – Have your cake and eat it too (16:57)
Week 5!
  • WEEK 5: HABIT HACKS! – The invisible hand smacking the Reeses from your mouth (24:19)
Week 6!
  • WEEK 6: CONGRATULATIONS! Cheers to your most confident body, most balanced healthy lifestyle, and best life (10:23)

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