Dean Somerset – High Tensile Strength

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Dean Somerset - High Tensile Strength

Dean Somerset – High Tensile Strength

For Dean Somerset – High Tensile Strength

This is the first product I’ve put together that’s meant for the end user and isn’t a continuing education product. It’s a 6 month semi-custom program designed to help men and women, young and old, mobile and stiff as a board hombres, computer jockeys and weekend warriors alike.

The program was developed with the thought process of the old “Choose Your Own Adventure” books we all grew up with, where you decide on a direciton to go and turn the page to find out what happens. This program allows you to customize essentially every element of the program to what you want, what you have available to you, and how advanced or beginner your fitness level is. There’s a self assessment that takes all of 5 minutes that will help direct where you would find the best program, and then you can select down into one of the 48 different programming tracks to get your ideal workout.

You can complete the workouts at a commercial gym or even at home with the bodyweight version that uses very Spartan levels of equipment. This bodyweight program is massively beneficial if you have to travel and want to take the workouts with you and don’t know if you’ll have access to the basics in the commercial set up, and also if you just don’t want to work out at a commercial gym at all.


I also paired with a registered dietician, Karol Sekulic, to write up a nutritional program for the stepped up version of the product. This isn’t your average eating plan, but a way to re-assess your relationship with food and develop the best eating habits to help you get healthier, improve performance, and look amazing.

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Each workout contains custom coaching videos of all the exercises used, which means you just have to click on the link and a video explaining how to do the exercise will pop up as long as you have an internet-enabled device to use. You could take the workouts with you on the gym floor to make sure you know exactly what to do with each and every session. All you have to do is show up and follow along.


If you can’t do a specific exercise, I’ve included a glossary of each and every exercise used in the program (over 300 total exercises are included, each with their own videos), as well as a progression and regression for each one, meaning the customization of the program is nearly endless.

The more upscale versions of the program comes with not only the 6-month semi-custom program, the video database, and nutritional guide, but also a swag kit to help you get the most out of your workouts. What’s in the swag kit? It’s top secret. Only those who purchase it will find out, but I can guarantee you it’s worth it.

All levels of the program are on sale this week only for 50% off. The base package is only $49 until Saturday at midnight, and means you’re paying less than 17 cents per month of programming included. Did I mention that in total there’s 288 months of programming, meaning if you wanted to go through each and every program in the entire package it would take you about 20 years??!?!

Again, this product is on sale for 50% off only until Saturday at midnight, so get on it quickly while it’s good and cheap. If you’re worried you won’t like it, there’s a money back guarantee, but I’m confident you’ll get a lot out of it, so act now!!