Angela Benck – Mastermind Foundations 101

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Mastermind Foundations 101Angela Benck – Mastermind Foundations 101

Becoming a Conscious co-creator

Your Instructor

Angela Benck

Angela Benck- Integrative Life Coach

She works to bring awareness via self-discovery and self-love. Her work has helped to transforms the lives of her clients and people she meets from all over the world. Her revolutionary way of getting to the heart of the matter helps her clients make peace with their past and getting clear about new insights. Creating a New Vision for their Future. Taking her one on one work to a New Level with her teaching style to bring this class to life. Her foundation of doing MasterMind for the last ten years coupled with her doing Meditation and teaching it for over 10 years gives her the balance of brining this program to life for a New audience.

Course Curriculum

Module One
  • Welcome to Mastermind Foundations 101 (1:38)
  • Getting ed (17:45)
  • Facebook Group
  • Accountability Form Survey
Module Two
  • Accountability Partner Information (8:38)
  • Preview

    Abundance Prayer (3:08)

  • Alignment Practice (5:17)
  • Gratitude (7:13)
Module Three
  • I Ask List (10:38)
  • Surrender (7:18)
  • What We Believe? (6:16)
  • Breaking Down our Limitations (8:35)
Module Four
  • Owning our Power of Choice, Decide (8:28)
  • The Power of Forgiveness (9:54)
  • Core Beliefs (6:18)
Module Five
  • Giving Thanks (5:32)
  • Envision (8:06)
  • I Dedicate My Life (8:02)
  • Congratulations! (2:11)
  • Customer Satisfaction/ Testimonials

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Angela Benck

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