An Evening With Hypnotica Vol. 2

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An Evening With Hypnotica Vol. 2

An Evening With Hypnotica Vol. 2

These are audio rips of 4 of the NLP techniques that Hypnotica leads the audience through in the Evening With Hypnotica vol. 2 DVDs, which can be found here.

These are not all of the NLP techniques Hypnotica leads the audience through in the program, these are just 4 that I’ve found useful, so, I ripped them to 320 kb/s MP3, and edited them using Audacity to cut out some of the nonsense audience questions/comments which aren’t necessary, so I could listen to these on my iPod.

I figured I’d share them here in case others would find this useful as well.

Exercises included:

  1. A Time Line exercise (DVD 2) – Just a basic timeline process
  2. Stopping The World (DVD 5) – This is a Huna technique to help you be present and go into uptime
  3. meta No (DVD 5) – Enforces conviction about rejecting a limiting belief
  4. meta Yes (DVD 6) – Enforces conviction about accepting an empowering belief

I thought about categorizing this under “Hypnosis/NLP”, as to me it seems to fit there, as these are NLP exercises. However, since this was taken from a DVD set on Seduction, which is categorized as “Seduction: Video”, I’m categorizing this as “Seduction: Audio”Some of these exercises are geared towards seduction since this was in the context of a seminar on seduction. However, they are applicable to any area of life.