Adriana Rizzolo – Power of Love Advanced Training

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Adriana Rizzolo - Power of Love Advanced Training 1Adriana Rizzolo – Power of Love Advanced Training

Your Instructor

Adriana Rizzolo

I am a spiritual guide, meditation teacher, embodiment and intimacy coach, transformational speaker, podcast host and author.
I’m trailblazing a body and heart-based healing movement that supports others in cultivating and spreading authenticity through passionpleasure and purpose. Highlighting the importance of both relationship and ritual, as a natural part of living a fulfilling life.

Course Curriculum


  • Power of Love Circle Guidelines
  • Basic Principles & Teachings
  • Homework Guidelines
  • Training Dates
  • Private Sessions

Journey of the Inner/Outer Revolution

  • History of Yoga
  • My History with Yoga

Week One

  • Week One Lesson: The Spirit of Service, Sacred Feminine, and Holy Spirit Within
  • Week One Homework
  • Poem: “Ode 1957: The Intellectual”
  • Meditation: Who Am I?
  • Meditation: Neti Neti | You Are A Soul
  • Om Namah Shivaya

Week Two

  • Week Two Lesson: Kundalini Shakti, Shiva, and Sadhana
  • Week Two Homework
  • Meditation: Om Mantra
  • Guru Mantra

Week Three

  • Week Three Lesson – Sharing a Dance with the Lord
  • Week Three Homework
  • Inversion Notes: Handstand, Headstand & Forearm Balance
  • Meditation: Ram Mantra

Week Four

  • Week Four Homework

Week Five

  • Week Five Lesson – Come Dance
  • Week Five Homework
  • Ma Meditation
    Week Six
  • Week Six Lesson – Above all else, Love
  • Morning Meditation & Kriya

Week Seven

  • Week Seven Lesson – Unlearning back to Love
  • Hamsa Meditation

Week Eight

  • Week Eight Lesson – Giving Up What No Longer Works
  • Week Eight Homework
  • 6.3.18 Meditation

About the Poses

  • Asana Postures

Week Nine

  • Week Nine Lesson

Week Ten

  • Week Ten Homework
  • Birdsong From Inside The Egg
  • Ganesha Gayatri

Week Eleven

  • Week Eleven Lesson: Trust you will be shown the way
  • Week Eleven Homework

Week Twelve

  • Week Twelve Lesson
  • Week Twelve Homework
  • Sequencing: General Setup
  • Sequencing: Meditation Classes, Healing Circles & Workshops
  • Sequencing: Asana Class (General)

Week Thirteen

  • Week Thirteen Lesson
  • Meditation: The Koshas

Week Fourteen

  • Inner Child Meditation

Week Fifteen

  • The Yoni Principle (Excerpted from David Harshada Wagner)
  • Kirtan Mantras & Translations

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